Eti Code Of Conduct Pdf

Eti Code Of Conduct Pdf

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Code Of Conduct - Thyssenkrupp

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Eti code of conduct pdf Download. The ETI Base Code underpins all our work. It was negotiated and agreed by the founding trade union, NGO and corporate members of ETI and contains nine clauses which reflect the most relevant conventions of the International Labour Organisation with respect to labour practices.

ETI Board members; Contact; ETI Base Code. 1. Employment is freely chosen; 2. Freedom of association; 3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic; 4. Child labour shall not be used; 5. Living wages are paid; 6. Working hours are not excessive; 7. No discrimination is practiced; 8.

Regular employment is provided; 9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed; Programmes; Join ETI. ETI-Codex und den ILO (International Labor Organisation) Konventionen. Die Einhaltung des Verhaltenskodex gilt für jedes Mitglied des Unternehmen Weyermann® und ist Voraussetzung jeder Geschäftsbeziehung mit einem Weyermann® Lieferanten.

Folgende Bedingungen sind einzuhalten: Einhaltung der Gesetze Die Gesetze der jeweils anwendbaren Rechtsordnung sind einzuhalten. The ETI will conduct, in co-operation with member companies and their suppliers, experimental programmes to identify the most effective approaches to making codes meaningful and credible, particularly with regard to monitoring and verification.

Conducting and learning from pilot schemes and disseminating the lessons learnt will be the ETI's core activities. In addition, the ETI will draw on.

The ETI is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations and trade unions which exists to identify and promote good practice in the implementation of codes of labour practice. The Code of Practice for Labour Providers to Agriculture and the Fresh Produce Trade, developed in parallel with the new licensing arrangements, has secured the commitment of the National Farmers' Union, The. Primark Buyer Code of Conduct in English. H&M Buyer Code of Conduct in English; Security Duty Schedule in 3 Shift for Garments Fac Needle Management System Full Procedure in Garment ETI Base Code (ETI Base Code) in English PDF for ETI Base Code (ETI Base Code) in Bangla PDF for February (1) ().

code of conduct will result into penalties imposed by ETIM International. MEETING AND DECISION MAKING WITHIN ETIM INTERNATIONAL The following rules will be respected during all meetings: A. CAREFUL PROCEDURES 1. Meetings of the General Assembly, the Board, a committee, work group or any other form of cooperation within ETIM International will only take place after an invitation in writing. The Code of Conduct is a reference document intended for all our employees worldwide. Internally, our actions must demonstrate that the Code of Conduct is being observed and put into practice.

Ignorance of the Code is no excuse. Managers from every unit are responsible for disseminating the Code and ensuring it is understood and applied effectively. To do that, they must: Refer regularly to. This Code of Business Conduct specifies and helps the continued implementation of the Corporate Business Principles by establishing certain non-negotiable minimum standards of behaviour in key areas.

The nature of this Code is not meant to cover all possible situations that may occur. It is designed to provide a frame of reference against which to measure any activities. Employees should seek File Size: 2MB. BSCI Code of Conduct The present BSCI Code of Conduct version 1/ aims at setting up the values and principles that the BSCI Participants strive to implement in their supply chains.

It was approved by the Foreign Trade Association (FT A) Board on 28 November and overrules the BSCI Code of Conduct version in all its translations. The present BSCI Code of Conduct consists of. AND ALTERNATIVE CODES OF CONDUCT TO ETI BASE CODE IRCA has determined that, for the purposes of compliance with the Social Systems auditor certification criteria, the standards and codes of conduct referred to in this document, are considered to be acceptable alternatives to SA and the ETI Base Code.

IRCA’s evaluation of these standards and codes of conduct consisted of a technical. The Manual contains all existing instructions issued by the election Commission on Model code of Conduct, arranged under broad topics in each chapter. Important portions of the instructions in the chapters have been highlighted in colour/listed in the marginal boxes for convenience of readers. Annexures containing extracts of some important instructions and a list of FAQs along with their.

Nestlé Code of Business Conduct - Spanish (pdf, 2 Mb) Nestlé Code of Business Conduct - Portuguese (pdf, 2Mb) Nestlé Code of Business Conduct - Italian (pdf, 2Mb) To The Top. Nestlé News.

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Signup for Global Nestlé News. Sign up. Compliance Concerns.

BSCI Code Of Conduct

Let us know your concerns. Tell us. Contact us.

Daten­schutz­ko­dex ("Code Of Conduct")

Across the globe, Nestlé are here to help answer your queries. Contact us. Nestlé. We. Code of Conduct The code of supplier conduct applies to all suppliers that produce goods for White Stuff, its subsidiaries, affiliates or agents (White Stuff) The code sets out the basic requirements all factories must meet in order to do business with White Stuff, and provides the blueprint for White Stuff's continuous monitoring of factories’ employment practice and environmental.

EC Code of Ethical Conduct 4 eied a 21 I—To listen to families, acknowledge and build upon their strengths and competencies, and learn from families as we support them in. The Promo Catering Ethical Trading Code of Conduct sets out the standards we expect our partners and suppliers to work towards.

The Code is based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code which stems from international labour and human rights law.

Promo Catering will only work with reputable partners, suppliers and manufacturers who are committed to working towards compliance with the. Facebook’s Code of Conduct is published on the company’s investor relations website and available for download as a PDF. Though it does not contain images or visuals, the code is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

It covers important topics including conflicts of interest, harassment, confidentiality and protection of user data. The Suppler Code of Conduct Acceptance Programme is designed to support Buyer (A) and Buyer/Supplier (AB) members. For more information on how we can help you with your Code of Conduct programme, please contact your Account Manager. Find out about our other products & services. Helping you get the most out of your Sedex membership. View More. Contact Us.

Voith Group Code Of Conduct

[email protected] +44. Once approved, it’s the job of our Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability Team, a group of more than experts based in key sourcing countries, to monitor compliance with our Code of Conduct. They audit every factory at least once a year, sometimes more, to check whether international standards are being met.

Read the Code of Conduct in full here, or download a pdf in other languages. Conduct (“Code”) and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This Code goes beyond compliance with applicable laws by drawing upon internationally recognized standards to advance social and environmental responsibility. When differences arise between standards and legal requirements, the stricter standard shall apply, in compliance with applicable law.

This Code. Our Colgate Code of Conduct serves as a guide for our daily business interactions, reflecting our standard for appropriate behavior and our corporate values.

The Code clearly conveys to each of us that the manner in which we achieve our business results matters just as much as achieving them. The Colgate Code of Conduct applies to all Colgate people, including directors, officers and all.

Der Code of Conduct (Verhaltenskodex) beschreibt die wichtigsten Prinzipien und Verhaltensregeln nach dem sich der thyssenkrupp Konzern und seine Mitarbeiter richten.


Der Download steht Ihnen in verschiedenen Sprachen als PDF zur Verfügung. Code of Conduct (deutsch) pdf | ,8 kbCode of Conduct (englisch) pdf | ,9 kbCode of Conduct (arabisch) pdf | ,4 kbCode Of Conduct. This Code of Conduct applies to all EITI Board members, their alternates, Members of the EITI Association, secretariat staff (national and international), and members of multi-stakeholder groups.

Article 1: Scope Article 2: Personal behaviour, integrity and values Article 3: Compliance Article 4: Respect for others Article 5: Professionalism Article 6: Discrimination Article 7: Confidentiality.

A supplier code of conduct is created for the purpose of ensuring that a company’s suppliers put into place safe working conditions and their employees are treated with respect. Also their production processes being responsible and environmentally friendly. Components of a supplier code of conduct include: Labor practice and standards: This includes safeguards against child labour, non.

Code of Conduct 5 Besides expecting high-quality products and services, our customers, suppliers and other business partners expect a high degree of professionalism and integrity in our deal - ings with them.

For this reason, our communications and contractual relationships should always be characterized by correctness, honesty and transparency. Fair competition Voith observes the rules of. Code of Conduct | 3 Part 1 – Introduction This Code of Conduct (the Code) is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. The Migration Agents Registration Authority (the Authority) is responsible for administering the Code. A person who wants to operate as a registered migration agent must register with the Authority.

Lexikon Online ᐅCode of Conduct: eine Sammlung von Richtlinien und/oder Regelungen, welche sich Unternehmen im Rahmen einer freiwilligen Selbstbindung selbst auferlegen. Die formulierten Verhaltensanweisungen dienen als (grundlegende) Handlungsorientierung für Mitarbeiter, um erwünschtes Verhalten zu kanalisieren bzw.

CODE OF CONDUCT & ETHICS Revised January, Table of Contents Message from the President and CEO and Chairman of the Board I. I ntroduction II. T he Principles III. R esponsibilities IV. M ore Information V. R eporting VI. When a defined term is used in the code but is not shown in italics, the definition in should not be applied.

[No prior reference: new content] Effective Date Effective Decem. Application of the AICPA Code The Code of Professional Conduct (the code) was originally adopted on Janu, and.

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Manual On Model Code Of Conduct - Manuals - Election

Code of Conduct Australia Post takes care in selecting suppliers of goods and services and expects them to operate in compliance with recognised local national and/or international laws, regulations, standards and appropriate codes of practice.

While our suppliers are independent entities, their business practises and actions may impact upon Australia Post’s reputation. For this reason, our. Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Updated 1 April – original B ahasa Indonesia translation in November Kode Perilaku Bisnis dan Etika Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Tujuan daripada Kode Perilaku Bisnis dan Etika ("Kode Etik") ini adalah untuk menetapkan pedoman dalam rangka pelaksanaan Program Tanggung Jawab Perusahaan ERM, dan juga untuk membantu.

ET – – eurot kuus; – – eurot kuus; – –10 eurot kuus; – üle 10 euro kuus. Igasugune muu parlamendiliikme saadud esimese lõigu mõne punkti kohaselt. Dieser Code gilt verbindlich für die Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, die Bertelsmann Manage-ment SE und alle Gesellschaften, die von der Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA kontrolliert werden. Basierend auf diesem Code haben die Unternehmensbereiche RTL Group und Gruner + Jahr eigene, weitgehend gleichlautende Codes of Conduct umgesetzt. Our corporate activity is based on our values, which are summarized in the AEB value chain: fvyg.skechersconnect.comy. This Code of Conduct is a guideline for the entire company and applies equally to everyone. We expect the same behavior from our suppliers and customers.

We expect that the principles of ecological, social, and ethical behavior are. Our Code of Conduct should be at the heart of everything we do.

Code Of Conduct -

It is designed to ensure that we conduct ourselves ethically – with integrity, and in accordance with Deutsche Bank’s policies and procedures as well as the laws and regulations that apply to us across the world.

Underpinning all of this is a simple but basic principle that we should do what is right and proper – it is not. Im Code of Conduct sind diese und weitere Verfahren zum Melden von Verstößen beschrieben. Es liegt letztlich an jeder und jedem Einzelnen von uns zu gewährleisten, dass unser geschäftliches Handeln ethisch und rechtlich einwandfrei ist.

Wir danken Ihnen, dass Sie durch die Integrität Ihres persönlichen Verhaltens Ihren Beitrag hierzu leisten. MARKUS DOHLE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER PENGUIN.

Deutsche Bank Group Code Of Conduct - D B

Der Code of Conduct beschreibt wesentliche Grundsätze, die weltweit für alle Mitarbeiter bindend sind. Aufgrund der Unterschiede der Rechtsordnungen in den einzelnen Ländern kann er nicht alle Fragen beantworten, die im Rahmen der täglichen Arbeit eines jeden Mitarbeiters aufkommen. Der Code of Conduct stellt deshalb einen Mindeststandard für alle Länder der Unternehmensgruppe ALDI SÜD.

The Code of Conduct is oriented on internationally recognised principles for the protection of hu- man and labour rights as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Core Labour Standards, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Furthermore, the Code draws on relevant internatio- nal. dem Code of Conduct, möchten wir unsere die Umwelt- und Sozialstandards einhalten und stetig weiter vorantreiben. Bei all unseren industriellen Partnerschaften, unabhängig von Artikel, Produktionsort und Material, ist es uns wichtig, dass diese exklusiv, nachhaltig und vertraglich durch unsere Charta gesichert sind.

Wir bemühen uns die Umwelt- und Sozialstandards einzuhalten und mit den. The Code of Conduct, which summarises the rules for day-to-day dealings with fellow employees and customers, suppliers and business partners, competitors, government officials and the public, is intended to help employees satisfy professional requirements and live up to legal and ethical standards at all times.

Every supplier must comply with our Code of Conduct and Code Leadership Standards—they are a core component of reaching our targets. Inwe updated our NIKE, Inc. Code of Conduct to better reflect our priorities across labor, health and safety, and the environment, as well as to further align with the expectations of key stakeholders for Nike and our industry.

The update to. Aurubis Business Partner Code of Conduct 1 Aurubis Business Partner Code of Conduct Aurubis AG has participated in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since the end of and supports its visions and objectives regarding human rights, labor rights, the environment, and business ethics.

We expect our business partners to adhere to the same standards to ensure that our value chain is. the Code of Conduct Handbook will help Ford Motor Company personnel around the world understand and follow our policies and procedures.

it builds on our heritage of corporate citizenship, and it updates our business practices, so that we can compete ethically and fairly in all circumstances. i urge all personnel to learn and follow these standards. By doing so, you will help us earn the trust. Code of Conduct Main content. ETH Zurich and the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering aim for highest quality in teaching and research with a positive and open athmosphere for all people involved. At D-ITET, we maintain an inclusive, open and friendly environment, where our students, employees and faculty can thrive and achieve their highest potential, based on.

The Code of Conduct expresses our own commitment to corporate social responsibility, and it is our sincere hope that as many ZVEI member companies as possible will adopt it.

It is very important for us to know how widely the Code has been adopted and recognized so that we may continue to underscore its significance, both among our members and externally. If your company has adopted and signed. Code of Conduct Preamble The Fachvereinigung Edelmetalle (German Precious Metals Federation) is an industry association representing the political interests of the producers and manufacturers of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other platinum group met-als and additional members such as traders, banks and associations.

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